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License # 971338 (C-6 Millwork, Cabinetry, Finish Carpentry) 


Spectacular Trim specializes in the custom design and installation of interior moldings including crown molding, chair railing, wall frames, tray ceilings, coffered ceilings, shadow boxes, wainscoting and more. 


Fully licensed with a well established track record of satisfied clients throughout Southern California, we have developed a unique and efficient process that results in superior work. 

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A Few Examples From Our Porfolio
Crown Molding Installation 
Tray Ceilings, Coffered Ceilings, Ceiling Trim 
Wall Frames (faux wainscot)
Door & Window Casing
Spectacular Looking Results in 3 Steps:
1. Site Survey & Written Estimate

From years of interior woodworking, we know that every installation project is unique. Factors including working conditions need to be considered and planned for in advance to ensure your satisfaction. In most cases, we look at your home in person before providing a written price quote. This site survey ensures a hassle-free experience and guarantees the price quoted won't  change. 

2. Molding Preparation IN ADVANCE

After carefully inspecting the molding for flaws or damage, we do the time consuming and messy work of coping the end of your moulding in advance. Using state of the art equipment which produces tight fitting, gapfree corner joints, we spare you (and your neighborhood) the majority of the dusty, noisy mess of milling your materials offsite before your installation day.

3. EXPERT Installation

We specialize in architectural woodworking. We are not a handyman business. Since 1998, we have been doing quality interior woodworking exclusively and take great pride in doing your work. Since we prepare your molding in advance, your installation begins almost as soon as we arrive and spend a fraction of the time doing a typical installation compared to others.  We respect your home. By using only cordless fastening technology, we annoying noise of air compressors and also avoid the risk of making unsightly marks on your walls by dragging air compressor hoses around. 



Finish carpentry is skilled work that requires documented work experience through apprenticeship, a background check as well as an examination administered by the state license board to verify  knowledge of both building codes and practices as well as and safety. For your protection, California requires that work like this be performed by a person (s) who holds a valid C-6 (millwork, cabinetry and finish carpentry) or B-1 (general contractor) license as well as an active bond.  Although most painters have an "artisan" license to do painting (C-33 painting & decorative coatings), this license does NOT qualify them to perform other work like finish carpentry, millwork or cabinetry - in the same way that having a driver's license doesn't license a person to drive a commercial truck or fly a plane. DON'T assume that the contractor has a valid and qualified license. Visit to check for for free BEFORE you hire or give anyone a deposit to do any work. 

A painting business which has a painting license, but does not have a valid carpentry license is no different than hiring a handyman to work in your home. For your protection, California law states that YOU are responsible to know that people working on your home are qualified and hold a valid license to perform the work, and in the event you hire an unlicensed person to work on your home and an accident, injury or damage occurs, YOU are the responsible party and have no right to recourse. 

California law states an unlicensed handyman cannot charge more than $500. This pay includes labor and cost of materials. Since the going rate for a painter to install crown moulding (including materials, moulding, paint and labor) in a typical bedroom is $250 - $500 hiring a painter/handyman is not a viable option for a responsible homeowner. 

Get the facts. Protect yourself. Do your part. Visit to learn more and report unlicensed activity, and check the license type and status for free.

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