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CSLB 971338 - fully licensed and bonded 


Spectacular Trim specializes in the custom design and installation of interior moldings including crown molding, chair railing, wall frames, tray ceilings, coffered ceilings, shadow boxes, wainscoting and more. 


Fully licensed with a well established track record of satisfied clients throughout Southern California, we have developed a unique and efficient process that results in superior work at a lower price. 


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A Few Examples From Our Porfolio
Crown Molding Installation 
Tray Ceilings, Coffered Ceilings, Ceiling Trim 
Wall Frames
Door & Window Casing
Spectacular Looking Results in 3 Steps:
1. Site Survey & Written Estimate

From years of interior woodworking, we know that every installation project is unique. Factors including working conditions need to be considered and planned for in advance to ensure your satisfaction, so we take the time to inspect your home in person before providing our price quote. The site survey is done by the same person who will be installing your work so we can ensure a hassle-free experience and guarantee the price quoted won't  change. 


2. Molding Preparation IN ADVANCE

After carefully inspecting the molding for flaws or damage, we do the time consuming and messy work of coping the end of your moulding in advance. Using state of the art equipment which produces tight fitting, gapfree corner joints, we spare you (and your neighborhood) the majority of the dusty, noisy mess of milling your materials offsite before your installation day.


3. EXPERT Installation

We are not handymen or jack-of-all-trades folks. Since 1998, we have specialized exclusively in the design and installation of interior architectural woodworking details, and our narrow focus is reflected by the high quality specialized tools we use as well as the results we deliver. Since we prepare your molding in advance, the installation of moulding begins as soon as we arrive at your home with far fewer trips outdoors to cut materials. We eliminated the use of compressors and air hoses years ago and use only cordless nailing equipment, so we don't risk leaving smudge marks around your home from dirty rubber air hoses. And, since we perform this work exclusively, you can rest assured the results will be as expected.

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For your protection 

(excerpts from

Did you know it is a misdemeanor, punishable by fines and jail time, for a painter or handyman to perform any woodworking or finish carpentry if the work exceeds $500 including materials? 

C33 - Painting and Decorating Contractor - California Code of Regulations - Title 16, Division 8, Article 3

"A painting and decorating contractor prepares by scraping, sandblasting or other means and applies any of the following: paints, papers, textures, fabrics, pigments, oils, turpentines, japans, driers, thinners, varnishes, shellacs, stains, fillers, waxes, adhesives, water and any other vehicles, mediums and materials which adhere by evaporation and may be mixed, used and applied to the surfaces of structures and the appurtenances thereto for purposes of decorating, protecting, fireproofing and waterproofing." 

The law exists to protect you the consumer against damage to your property, injuries that may occur, and poor workmanship. 

Be aware that if you allow anyone to perform any carpentry work on your home who is not actively licensed, and damage or injury results (someone falls off a ladder, someone shoots a nail through a water line or electrical wires in your walls), you have no rights under the law to seek restitution because you hired an unqualified person to do the work. California State License Board, a division of Consumer Affairs, considers you liable in all cases for hiring an unqualified person to work on your home. It is your responsibility as the employer who is hiring anyone to work on your home to know if they are qualified. 

How do you protect yourself?

Always check to make sure anyone doing any finish carpentry for you is actively licensed with either a general contractors license B-1 or a finish carpenter C-6 license, and don't take someone's word for it. Check for yourself. Click on the link below to look up any contractor by name or their CSLB number. Important: Be sure to click on the license number of the company or individual and look for the license type of (B-1 or C-6). If the only classification listed is C-33 they are not licensed for this kind of work. 

*Click here for a free contractors license status lookup ---->>> <<<-----Find out if any contractor has a current B1 or C-6 contractors license